Get pumped(kin) for a zero-waste Halloween

Get pumped(kin) for a zero-waste Halloween

We’ve scoured the internet for lots of clever ideas for a hassle and waste free Halloween, so you don’t have to:

Have a wickedly good time celebrating!

An orange pumpkin with a slice removed revealing its seeds and flesh.

We’re on a mission to reduce food ending up in landfill

Over the next couple of weeks, residents living in Harlow, Tendring and Uttlesford may notice a sticker on their rubbish bin, a leaflet and a one-off delivery of compostable indoor caddy liners through the door.

This is part of our food recycling project, aiming to increase the amount of food waste being recycled in Essex. This is then turned into energy for our homes, and fertiliser for farming!

If you would like to know more about food recycling in your area, visit our website.Together we can make a difference 💚

A picture of two black bins with a no food waste please sticker on the lids.

Our social September – Love Your Period

Last month the Love Your Period Pledge was the hot topic on our social media. We talked about period proof swimwear on Instagram, using reusable period products part time on X (formerly Twitter) and washing period pants on Facebook.Follow us on social media to get the latest news and tips on ways to reduce your household waste.

Know your labels and make your food last longer

Food labels can be confusing and lead to worry about food safety. To avoid the risk of throwing away good food make sure you check the label:

  • ‘Best Before’ labels refer to food quality. Your food will be at its best before the date given, but it will still be safe to eat after the date has passed.
  • ‘Use By’ labels refer to food safety. You must not eat food after this date has passed, even if it looks and smells fine.

To win £60 in supermarket vouchers of your choice, let us know you’ve completed this month’s challenge to be more confident in knowing your food labels.

Hand holding an avocado with a date label.

Exciting opportunity for waste-free food businesses

Essex Council Council have teamed up with DEFRA for a free event in Chelmsford on Thursday 2 November. Open to Essex-based food and drink manufacturers, the event gives you the chance to:

  • pitch your business to local buyers
  • discover new routes to market
  • learn about the latest funding opportunities

If you’ve developed a zero-waste solution for food and drink production, don’t miss out!

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